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brokenangel-wings sent: "The arm flex? I guess, if she wants. But I'd rather stay with you for awhile." Cough, cough. "'Cause, I mean, you've been gone for awhile."

He raised his eyebrow and looked at her curiously for a moment.  “Hmm? Not feeling well are we?”

brokenangel-wings sent: "Wait, what?" Flexes her arms. "See, I could, but I mean I wouldn't. I wouldn't even if I wanted to."

"You should teach that one to Cecile" He said with a laugh.

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brokenangel-wings sent: "I'm joking, I'm joking." She put her hands up in surrender. "Besides, I couldn't hurt you if I tried."

He eyed her scrupulously, as he accepted her mock surrender. “You can never tell based on appearances”

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brokenangel-wings sent: "I mean it,Asplund. You'll take a ride on the pain train." Emily can't help but break out into a smile herself.

He knew that she was joking but it didn’t stop the involuntary flinch. The Earl pouted as he looked back at her beaming smile.

"I think I’ll pass.."

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Closed RP

The earl sat behind his wide desk as his eyes skimmed over the stack of assorted papers. Among the trivial duties of the day was to look over a few of the applicants for another devicor to train. He sighed and took one of the  applications from a manilla envelope. “Shirley Fenette,”  it read. He quickly skimmed over the details: Good physical condition, decent grades, club involvement… “excreta, excreta..” he found himself muttering under his breath. Ashford Academy.. He paused and set the paper aside from the rest of the stack. He couldn’t really be sure but that school seemed to have an affinity for the most interesting people.

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askaushirleyfenette sent: You're a fan of pudding right? What's the difference between Giga Pudding and Pudding Cups?

((I don’t really know how to anser this one in character without it sounding too wikipedia, but basically Giga puddi/pudding is a huge custard-like pudding dessert sold in japan. If i’m not mistaken I think that it comes with a  hand-sized shovel to eat it with. Pudding cups are small snack size packages of pudding. They have a plastic pull off lid.))


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Someone created a Code Geass version of 2048 and I swear to god it is just Lloyd! Wot.

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Anonymous sent: What are your thoughts on your colleagues?

"Hmm? Well i suppose Cecile isn’t all that bad…However some of the ..others I can’t really speak for."

brokenangel-wings sent: "You're lucky I don't punch the snot out of you. You aren't allowed to leave me alone ever again, Lloyd."

He jumped, and with a wary smile rubbed the back of his head.

"I’ll try and keep that in mind." The Earl said forming a more genuine smile.

gustavamomento sent: "You don't know me, but my name is Shirley Fenette. Suzaku was telling me about that other Lancelot you have, the Lancelot Club, and how you need a test pilot for it and..." The young school girl bites her lip, as if struggling to find the right words. "I was wondering if you would...let me be the pilot. I know it's not a job for amateurs, but I'll do whatever it takes! I'll join the military if I have too just please let me do something useful!"

He took a step back out of disbelief; he had never seen someone quite so eager to pilot for him. 

"Well It hasn’t been formally tested…we’re still working out the kinks and all that.." He stood to the side and looked back at her analyzing her expression.

"Do you have any experience as a devicor?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

Hey you’re awesome!

Lancelot Club, launching! 

Hey! I’m just writing to saw how awesome you are and how much I adore this Tumblr of yours! I’m a big fan of Code Geass and a big non-Tumblr roleplayer and I have to say your portrayal of Lloyd is one of the best ones I’ve seen! 

I’ve played Lloyd as a canon character in some of the roleplays and while I always try to remaining faithful to the characters, I’ve never felt I could play Lloyd as well as I wanted too. Reading this Tumblr and seeing how you write Lloyd has given me a lot of pointers and I thank you for that.

Outside of how awesome i think you are I don’t have much to say, but I was wondering if you knew about the Lancelot Club?

It’s a seventh generation Knightmare made from the Lancelot’s spare parts and experimental stuff Lloyd wanted to try. It ended up leading to the creation of the Vincent, but it only showed up in the Lost Colors PSP visual novel game which sadly never got released here (but I played through anyway with online help).


I think it’s pretty cool and I wanted to bring it to your attention! 

Sorry if this is a bit stilted or odd, I’m writing this at 2:00 AM. 

((I knew that his experimentation did lead to the Vincent but how cool to find the missing link!

Thank you soo much for your compliments! I try really hard to get into his head and find a good balance for his sociopathy and his humorous side. I still need to finish writing head cannons about some of the other characters but with school and work its been hard…))

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